Tread Deep

I've been thinking about creating this image for months. Sounds stupid, I woke up with this image burnt onto the insides of my eyelids a little while ago but I've never been able to make it quite like how I saw it. I'm pretty sure this is the first piece of work I have gotten so fed up with I've decided to walk away; well for now at least. I'll come back to it at a later date.

Year Book

They're just too ugly for their faces to be shown



So hello there

 A zine that I produced a little while back.

If When I sort my life out I should hopefully have an shop online where you can buy some work (if you wish to that is). I have been super absent, not just on here but on twitter, facebook, society6, flickr and any other kind of outlet. At the end of September I moved out of my studio, so currently I draw from my bed which isn't ideal. However for some reason I've turned into a lazy bum. I go to work, come back from work and thats about it. There's been a few family mishaps along the way but hopefully thats all behind us now so I won't even be able to kid myself to use that as an excuse. I just need to get drawing again. Kick myself up the butt. Thats sort of filled you in on whats been happening in my life. Oh I did pop to Budapest for a few days a couple of weeks ago, that was pretty cool.

Here is a drawing/ sketch thing of people eating, a bit like lady and the tramp but nothing like lady and the tramp.

Also I did say in my last post about Birmingham Zine Fest so...
Our stall at BZF 2012

I do have other new bits and pieces to post, also I've been given some cool new equipment to play around with, I'm just waiting for space to arrive a.k.a my new studio, but thats a little way a way yet.




I forgot to say that last month I had been selected as one of the 50 artists for the Inkygoodness Beermat Character Competition. I also forgot to take photos of my beermats before I sent them so this is off their facebook page, more information on it all is here.

I've also curated a sculpture exhibition at the Jinney Ring and carried out all the advertisement and leaflets and shizz for it. It's ended now. I've been shocking at updating this blog as of late. The Charlecote project should be complete soon and when that is hopefully I will put that up on here as well as the new work I've been doing for bzf and a book cover.




Hello, I've been working on some new ideas and some new zines/ comics. Josh Neal and myself are going to be at Birmingham Zine Festival on the 13th October selling are worldly wares , do come along. Loads more information is here they have loads of events going on over the weekend so if you're around I would recommend a visit.




Something from a little while ago with some colour added.




Hello, I've been a bit absent on here for a while, sorry. As of late I've been busy creating some work for projects and have been 'work' working loads, the latter sucks... a lot!

Below are images created for Fake I've worked with them before and they contacted me to produce some new work. They can be viewed in context here. It all looks superb as usual.

I'm also half way through quite a big project for a village called Charlecote; it's just the other side of Stratford. I will share with you the images of the project when it is all completed.

Hope you are all well, take care.



Break It

This is how I dance when I'm out.



Hot Air

I'm in Skegness for three days now, see you when I get back.






To help you prepare for the season.



Ohh Deer

I was moaning the other day that I'm not getting any post now. I love receiving post, I mean proper post not boring bank letters or supermarkets tokens. So when I came home from work today I had my winning design Ohh Deer notebooks waiting on the table for me, they are being sold here. They're pretty cool, I mean its a great quality print and it has that print smell too.

My friends Birthday present arrived, so its sort of ordered post but I still count it as post post. Also this comic turned up in an envelope, its a good read but I don't know who sent it to me, so thank you. 


I'm back, here are a few photo's of the trip. I had never been to Newcastle before, I knew it was a big city but when we arrived it seemed huge and engulfing. It took us around 6 hours to get there but we stopped off at Loughborough on the way and this really bizarre service station in York, it was basically a shop selling beach toys, tea bags and food - it was weird. We went to the beach as well, the actual beach reminded me a bit of St Ives but there weren't any cool little shops around, there was a mini golf though. 

On the way back Josh invited me to go to pick me up with him. So yesterday we went to London, the weather god was great, it was super sunny and warm. We went to the Imperial War Museum, saw all the sites and went to the private view in the evening. Also I meet up with the wonderful Jenni Sparks, who I haven't seen since graduation, she has some photo's of the evening here.




Just a quick sketch before bed. I'm off to Newcastle tomorrow, looking forward to a mini adventure. Though I am probably looking forward to the picnic stop on the way more than anything else. I'm not travelling up in this, however cool it would be, my friend is driving her car, it's only slightly bigger. Anyway see you Wednesday.

Peace out



Tell me what you saw once the stars had stopped burning

Today I have not achieved much in actual drawing, I baked some cakes this morning and had training in the evening. In the afternoon I started colouring in these things. The previous ones to these I have made into badges which I will do the same with this lot. I had this week off work if anyone is wondering how I have managed to upload something every day. However this week has sort of made me kick myself up the arse, you know put stuff in perspective and re aline your goals and ambitions. The main achievement of this week is the amount of things I have ticked off my list and moreover how many more lists I have made!  I hope everyone enjoys their St Patricks Day tomorrow, I'm sure to be spending my in the local now!

"What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from."
 T.S. Eliot



Earlier today I screen printed these bad boys, I designed it ages ago but have only finally (kind of) sorted out my exposure unit problemo. They are being sold at the Jinney Ring, the place is known for their (crazy) ducks.



Change your tactics in the blink of an eye (part deux)

I lied, I managed to get it done.

Night night.