So hello there

 A zine that I produced a little while back.

If When I sort my life out I should hopefully have an shop online where you can buy some work (if you wish to that is). I have been super absent, not just on here but on twitter, facebook, society6, flickr and any other kind of outlet. At the end of September I moved out of my studio, so currently I draw from my bed which isn't ideal. However for some reason I've turned into a lazy bum. I go to work, come back from work and thats about it. There's been a few family mishaps along the way but hopefully thats all behind us now so I won't even be able to kid myself to use that as an excuse. I just need to get drawing again. Kick myself up the butt. Thats sort of filled you in on whats been happening in my life. Oh I did pop to Budapest for a few days a couple of weeks ago, that was pretty cool.

Here is a drawing/ sketch thing of people eating, a bit like lady and the tramp but nothing like lady and the tramp.

Also I did say in my last post about Birmingham Zine Fest so...
Our stall at BZF 2012

I do have other new bits and pieces to post, also I've been given some cool new equipment to play around with, I'm just waiting for space to arrive a.k.a my new studio, but thats a little way a way yet.


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