I'm back, here are a few photo's of the trip. I had never been to Newcastle before, I knew it was a big city but when we arrived it seemed huge and engulfing. It took us around 6 hours to get there but we stopped off at Loughborough on the way and this really bizarre service station in York, it was basically a shop selling beach toys, tea bags and food - it was weird. We went to the beach as well, the actual beach reminded me a bit of St Ives but there weren't any cool little shops around, there was a mini golf though. 

On the way back Josh invited me to go to pick me up with him. So yesterday we went to London, the weather god was great, it was super sunny and warm. We went to the Imperial War Museum, saw all the sites and went to the private view in the evening. Also I meet up with the wonderful Jenni Sparks, who I haven't seen since graduation, she has some photo's of the evening here.


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