Hello, hope everyone has had an enjoyable christmas. I just thought I'd share something. My work is being used as a promotional e-flyer at the moment by the lovely people (Kerry & Sophie) who produce Fake magazine- this is the link for more details http://thatfakemagazine.com/subscriptions . 

Within 2012 (a small list of things that should happen soon):

                                                1. Cut my hours back at work to concentrate on drawing
                                                2. Conquer my exposure unit problem
                                                3. Snow
                                                4. Visit Jersey and Wales 
                                                5. Print tote bags for the Jinney Ring
                                                6. I've got a number of books that need to be made
                                                7. Find missing tickets for some gigs (never found)

Do have a lovely new years eve, what ever you shall be doing, enjoy it, it only comes round once.


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