I had to go into the loft the other day to get a suitcase down, I normally refuse as I am not a massive fan of spiders but I was the only one left in the house. I found these old books in there, they are pretty cool.

Its my first day off for a little while, its been pretty busy at work, if anyone is interested I work at the Jinney Ring, I work in the gift shop bit. Driving to and from work down the country lanes has given me a new found love for Autumn especially with the sunshine over the fields, I declared this love on twitter the last night. 

I should hopefully be heading over to the studio tomorrow.


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  1. oh i wish i could find something like that in our loft - its just full of christmas decorations and boring stuff! xoxo

    ps. love your new work, especially the jumpers! i too have quite a collection...